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Technical Injection Moulders


Whether designing and producing a brand-new tool, or using our clients existing tool, Firma Nicand Plastics can produce your component or items to whatever quantities required.

We can manufacture an extensive range of components- from small intricate components to multiple sub-assembly items and larger items.  In addition to using standard thermoplastics, we can source specialised material to ensure we produce products exactly to customer requirements.

Firma Nicand manufactures specialist and general components for a range of industries. Many plastic injection moulding company’s struggle with fine detailed technical components. Firma Nicand specialises in this kind of work. Our team has the knowledge, experience and resources to help design and manufacture highly complex technical and precision moulded products. We manufacture products that are critical in many aspects, including size and weight.


Along with our expertise of technical moulding, Firma Nicand also manufactures products for the Household and Leisure industries.

Our Facilities:

  • In-house tool-making services
  • Over 15 injection moulding machines with ranges of 20t to 300t
  • Shot capacities of up to 1400g
  • Use of Standard Thermoplastics
  • Use of Specialist Materials
  • Secondary, Sub-Assembly and Packaging services offered

Combine all the above with our ability to produce short and long run products, you see that we are a manufacturer that offers a flexible, experienced approach to all our clients both new and existing.


Selection of our Household Products

Selection of our Technical Products